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The state’s Center for Health Information and Analysis released its latest annual report on the performance of the Massachusetts healthcare system – and the picture it paints is a positive one.
The legislative effort to get Massachusetts community hospitals some much-needed financial relief failed last week as the House and Senate were unable to reach compromise on two similar bills.
On Friday CHIA will post on the CompareCare website a spreadsheet containing the data it used to populate its procedure pricing tool.
A conference committee will now attempt to resolve differences between the House bill and legislation from the Senate passed last year.
The Department of Labor last week released a final rule that allows for the expansion of Association Health Plans.
The Massachusetts House of Representatives could begin consideration as early as tomorrow on a massive healthcare reform bill.
The State House News last week quoted House Speaker Bob DeLeo as saying he expects a House healthcare cost-control bill on the floor by the end of June.
Last week 20 Massachusetts business groups announced that they were beginning an effort to reduce avoidable use of hospital emergency departments.
The Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) has launched CompareCare.
Debate on the Massachusetts Senate’s budget proposal begins tomorrow and MHA has two priority amendment.
The Commonwealth Fund’s most recent Scorecard on State Health System Performance places Massachusetts at number 2 in the nation – up from fifth place in 2017.
MHA has informed the HPC about patient safety and cost considerations related to insurance companies’ drug policies.
A federal proposed rule to allow short-term, limited-duration insurance could expose individuals to higher healthcare costs.
Debate begins today on the Massachusetts House Ways & Means Committee’s state budget proposal for FY 2019.
With increased federal activity relating to immigration, healthcare facilities have been grappling with questions related to patients and staff whose legal status in the U.S. may be in jeopardy.
MassHealth continues to tweak its sweeping Accountable Care Organization (ACO) program that went live in March.
The new transparency website from the Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) is nearing completion.
EOHHS announced a new opportunity for primary care providers seeking to participate in the new MassHealth ACO program.
03.19.2018  | Correction
A story in last week’s Monday Report incorrectly stated that Anthem Ins. Co. does not have a presence in Mass.
Another big health insurance company has rolled out an emergency department claims-payment strategy that is raising concern.


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