Medical Education

Information and programs for teaching and research hospitals and clinicians looking for ongoing medical education.
New York passed a law requiring future RN graduates of associate degree and diploma nursing programs to get a BS degree in nursing within 10 years.
HB1162, HB1219, SB1265 Emergency Medical Services; Vital Records; Disposition of Remains
HB1974/HB1981 would create a significant burden and increased costs on both phlebotomists and hospitals that rely upon phlebotomist services.
The Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association (MHA) appreciates the opportunity to submit comments on the following bills regarding primary care, behavioral and mental health and professional practice.
The Iowa Chronic Care Consortium is offering clinical health coach fusion training through MHA.
MHA Solutions, the full-service brokerage and consulting firm, is offering its annual $2,500 scholarship for those in the allied health practice field.


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