Recognizing Heroes Against Violence and Continuing the Fight

Harrington HealthCare System held a special ceremony Monday night recognizing Elise Wilson, the emergency services nurse who on June 14 was stabbed numerous times by a patient at the hospital. Harrington also celebrated the actions of the numerous hospital employees as well as emergency responders who tended to Wilson and saved her life.

Edward Moore, Harrington president and CEO, was quoted in the Worcester Telegram as saying at the event, “Elise, you are our hero because you refuse to be a victim.”  The veteran nurse is still recovering but says she wants to return to work.

In the weeks following the June assault on his staff, Harrington worked tirelessly to install a new layer of plant security over what it already had in place. Harrington’s three-point plan focuses on enhanced plant security, emergency preparedness, and staff education/awareness.

Over and above national Joint Commission and state hospital licensure standards, Massachusetts hospitals consistently work with their employees and communities to focus on policies that best address risks of violence within their unique facilities. They also work collaboratively on best practices and education programs under the MHA banner. The workplace safety page on MHA’s PatientCareLink website offers a snapshot of some of these efforts.