Project Management for Healthcare

Friday, March 16; 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
MHA Conference Center, Burlington, Mass.

The fundamental purpose of project management is to be one step ahead of potential risk that could show itself during project planning and execution. The trick is to plan, organize, and control as many of the steps as possible to mitigate unnecessary consequences. This seminar is designed to do just that. It will provide participants with strategies that they can use right now, wherever they are in a project timeline. Whether it’s starting with the project plan or building the right team for the task, key strategies on time management, effective communication, and maintaining motivation will be presented. A “how to” related to workflow diagrams will be a significant takeaway as it’s the ultimate preparation tool to identify where current process breakdowns are occurring and to highlight areas that require more attention before implementation begins. Key tactics covering these critical topics and more will all be addressed in this one-day program.  Learn more by clicking here.