Boston Children’s Fenwick Endorses Accelerating Access Bill

Families travel from around the United States and globe to visit Boston Children’s Hospital to receive care for their children with medically complex conditions. If those families are on Medicaid, they face a series of paperwork challenges to allow them to receive care across state lines.

A bill introduced in the U.S. Senate last week by Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) would cut through that red tape. The Accelerating Access to Kids Care Act would allow providers such as Boston Children’s to be screened and enrolled quickly in the Medicaid program of the child being treated. Once an out-of-state provider is enrolled in a state plan, that provider would not be subject to any additional screening and enrollment activities the child’s state would normally require.  The provider enrollment would last for five years before it would need to be reauthorized.

"As an institution that cares for children from almost every state each year, Boston Children's has experienced first-hand the challenges of screening and enrollment procedures that hinder access,” said Sandra Fenwick, CEO of Boston Children's Hospital. “We strongly support the Accelerating Kids' Access to Care Act and look forward to working with Senators Grassley and Bennet to make this bill law. If enacted, it will provide necessary safeguards to assure children receive timely care.”