CHIA’s Transparency Site for Consumers Goes Live

The Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) has launched CompareCare – the healthcare cost transparency website that was mandated by Chapter 224.

The site allows a consumer to enter in a procedure on the website (say, MRI of the arm) and then see what various providers in a geographic area charge for that procedure.  As soon as they log in, consumers are warned that the prices cited are from 2015 and that the best way to find out what they will ultimately pay for their care is to check with the consumer’s health insurance company.  About 300 procedures are covered on the site.

“CHIA’s leaders have been incredibly accessible as they have worked on the website project, and they’ve listened to our members’ concerns that the website information must be user-friendly and clear about any limitations it may have in terms of being reflective of actual costs,” said MHA President & CO Steve Walsh. “We’re optimistic that the new website will include helpful explanations about the reliability, value and usefulness of the presented data.”