Statement from Lynn Nicholas, Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association President & CEO, on the Trump administration’s federal insurance changes 

October 13, 2017
"President Trump's irresponsible decision to discontinue federal insurance cost-sharing reduction subsidies is a devastating one-two punch coming on the heels of yesterday’s Executive Order that could undermine the current consumer insurance protections that are especially important to older, sicker, and poorer Americans with private or work-sponsored insurance. These announcements will be particularly disruptive to the Massachusetts healthcare system, as the commonwealth has been structuring the upcoming 2018 open enrollment offerings  -now just weeks away - based on some $146 million in previously agreed-to federal support. 

MHA stands united with our entire Congressional delegation and state leaders in condemning this reckless, destructive move.

By ending federal insurance subsidies for poor patients and weakening insurance protections through the Executive Order, the Trump administration has made Friday the 13th a very unlucky day for the entire nation's healthcare community and anyone who may need care - which is every single American."