An Act Relative to the Scheduling of Employees

The Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association (MHA), on behalf of our member hospitals, health systems, physician organizations, and allied health care providers, appreciates this opportunity to offer comments on SB2208, “An Act Relative to the Scheduling of Employees.”

MHA does not argue with the intent of SB2208, but is concerned about its application to certain employer types such as hospitals. In particular, SB2208 poses direct conflict with existing laws that were crafted with the unique role of hospitals in mind. Examples include laws relating to overtime and employee engagement during times of local crisis or statewide emergency. In addition, the language related to collective bargaining agreements appears to be based on a subjective basis and could lead to conflicts in in the contracting process.  If this legislation is considered for advancement, we respectfully request the committee amend the bill with needed accommodations for hospitals and healthcare settings. MHA would welcome the opportunity to work with you. 

Thank you for the opportunity to offer testimony on this important matter. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact MHA’s Vice President of Government Advocacy, Michael Sroczynski, at (781) 262-6055 or msroczynski@mhalink.org.