Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DE&I at MHA: Our Commitment, Our Actions

The Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association (MHA) stands committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) within our organization and in all our work as a leading voice in healthcare. MHA acknowledges the persistent impact of systemic inequities in healthcare, which have led to disproportionate harm to marginalized communities throughout our commonwealth.

As a united voice for the Massachusetts healthcare community, we recognize our ability -- and responsibility -- to further meaningful dialogue, programs, and policies that support diverse representation, equitable access and care, and respectful inclusivity within our systems of care. 

This commitment must take several forms:

Setting Definitions

Diversity is the representation of all our varied identities and differences (including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, marital status, neurodiversity, age national origin, tribe, caste, socio-economic status, legal status, parental status, thinking and communication styles), collectively and as individuals.
Equity seeks to ensure fair treatment, equal opportunity, and fairness in access to information and resources for all. 

Inclusion builds a culture of belonging by actively recruiting and supporting the contribution and participation of all people. 

Prioritizing DE&I in All We Do

MHA is committed to weaving diversity, equity and inclusion into the fabric of our work and the work of the entire healthcare community. It is our responsibility to lead by example, both within and outside the healthcare sector. 

This means soliciting input from diverse and underserved populations, and using their perspectives to help shape our approach to education programing, clinical affairs, policy and advocacy, data analytics and communications. We also commit to making DE&I a focus of our Board of Trustees, committees and working groups. 

As an advocacy organization, it is especially crucial that we bring a DE&I lens to policy and legislation, as well as to our work with state agencies and other stakeholders.

Diversifying Our Staff & Leadership

MHA is dedicated to diversity across the organization – from our Board of Trustees and committees, to all levels of our own team.

Our organization is committed to hiring, compensation, and promotion processes that are free of bias. MHA will recruit and hire diverse individuals for roles throughout the organization, and maintain a workplace that encourages retention, development, and promotion for all employees. We will also ensure fair and equitable compensation and benefits for all members of our staff.

Sparking Conversations

MHA will organize regular internal events as opportunities for staff to engage with each other on issues that foster a deeper understanding of DE&I-related subjects. These forums will also serve as a way to strengthen our shared commitment to making both the internal culture at MHA, as well as the external work of the organization, aligned with values that enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Ensuring an Inclusive Workplace

Our organization’s Human Resources department is committed to upholding the values of diversity, equity, inclusion and aims to create a safe space for employees to raise questions and concerns on any subject. MHA’s trainings and policies (anti-harassment, anti-retaliation, confidentiality, reporting) are crafted to foster an inclusive work environment. 

Driving Measurement & Accountability

MHA will track diversity, recruitment, and promotion of staff and leadership, while empowering employees to provide honest feedback on our DE&I efforts. This will be accomplished through frequent meetings of our internal DE&I Council, regular employee surveys, annual performance reviews, and an “open door” culture that extends to the very top of senior leadership.

Advancing Education

MHA is committed to embedding diversity, equity and inclusion into the programs, conferences, and professional development events we hold each year. These tenets are reflected in our speakers, audiences, and content matter. 

We will set measurable goals in each of these areas. We will generate content that addresses social determinants of health, health equity, and social justice. And we will track participant feedback to gauge our success and areas of growth.

MHA is also committed to providing healthcare organizations with high-quality training and programming on topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion that is accessible to leaders at all levels of organizations.


MHA’s Standing Committee on Diversity, Health Equity, & Inclusion

MHA’s Standing Committee on Diversity, Health Equity & Inclusion (SCODHEI) advises MHA's Board of Trustees and staff on strategies, initiatives, data, and partnerships that will advance diversity, cultural competency, health equity and inclusion among our healthcare workforce and institutions. 


Learn more about the SCODHEI here.