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Upcoming Webinars

A Simple Step: A Cross-Continuum Push for Healthcare Decision-Making
Wednesday, April 12, 2023 | 12 - 1 p.m.

What Makes Healthcare Workers Stay in Their Jobs?
Thursday, April 20, 2023 | 12 - 1 p.m.

Past Webinars by Topic


  COVID-19 Vaccine Q&A: What You Need to Know as a Healthcare Worker
  The Impact of COVID-19 in Serious Illness Care
  Maximizing the Battelle N95 Decontamination System for Your Hospital’s PPE Needs
  Contact Tracing in Massachusetts & the Role of Hospitals
  Prioritizing Essential Care in the Wake of COVID-19: Best Practices & Strategies for Healthcare Systems
  Vaccines & Remdesivir Allocation in the Age of COVID-19
  COVID-19 Testing: The Evolving Landscape and Implications for Healthcare
  PPE: Scientific Expert Approach, Best Practices in Healthcare (and Throughout Society)
  COVID-19 Vaccine Development: An Overview of the Evolving Landscape
•  Need-to-Know Updates on COVID-19 Virus Variants
•  Emergency Preparedness 2.0: The Next Crisis
•  Best Practices for Operationalizing Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Infusion Treatment  
•  Preparing for the May 11, 2023 End of the Covid-19 PHE

Telemedicine and Innovation 

COVID-19 and the Rise of Telemedicine
  Digital Signage - Essential In Today's Healthcare 
Driving Provider Networks Towards High Performance

  Emergency Department Telemedicine Reimbursement COVID-19 Update
  Communications Strategies for the Telemedicine Patient Experience
  Telemedicine Fireside Chat
•  Telehealth Fraud Enforcement Trends and Implementation of Compliance Best Practices 
  The Digital Divide in Telemedicine— Solutions for Expanding Access for Telehealth Services
  Rethinking Virtual Care During COVID-19
  Hospitals Without Walls: A Closer Look at Brigham & Women’s Innovative Home Hospital Program

  Enterprise Virtual Care: Bending the Cost Curve of Chronic Care Webinar
  Optimizing Your Network in the Age of Telehealth 
  Four Essentials of Effective Telemedicine
  Using AI to Manage Chronic Illness and Improve Population Health
What's Next in Healthcare Innovation?
Meeting Patients Where They Are: Triaging Specialty Care with Image-Based Early Detection Using  Asynchronous Telehealth & Artificial Intelligence
Building a Sustainable Telehealth Strategy
Harness the Power of Ambient Intelligence to Improve the Patient Experience Tech Trends Healthcare Leaders Should Watch for in 2022 •  Telehealth Licensure, Interstate Practice and Insurer Policies: What your Hospital Needs to Know Telehealth Coverage, Licensure and Regulation: Uncertainty Prevails as Tools Increase Access   •  Improving Patient Experience and Efficiency with Digital Technology Emergency Department Burnout and Staffing Crisis in the Great Resignation Innovation in Leadership (Post-Covid) 
Telehealth at the End of the Public Health Emergency - What You Need to Know as Flexibilities Come to an End 

Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health
Advancing Diabetes Care Equity
 Mobilizing Patient Social Support to Improve Health Outcomes
 Transforming the Health and Wellness of Patients through Lifestyle Health 
 The Impact of COVID-19 on Health Disparities: Strategies for Addressing Health Equity
 How Hospitals and Healthcare Systems can Help Battle Food Insecurity 
 Population Health and Data Reporting Strategies in the Era of COVID-19 • What the Supreme Court's LGBTQ Rights Ruling Means for Healthcare Employers • Vulnerable Patient Populations Webinar Series-- Part 1: Vaccine Hesitancy Focus on DHE&I: Diversity, Health Equity, and Inclusion Best Practices: Creating a Culture of Inclusion and Belonging

Focus on DHE&I: Diversity, Health Equity, and Inclusion Best Practices: Leadership and Accountability
Focus on DHE&I: Diversity, Health Equity, and Inclusion Best Practices: Pipeline Advancement Programs
Focus on DHE&I: Diversity, Health Equity, and Inclusion Best Practices: Moving Data into Action
Prostate Cancer Health Disparities Affecting Black Men
Vulnerable Patient Populations Webinar Series Part 2: Special Populations and Intersectionality
Leadership •  Filling Gaps in Physician Network Practice Management   Leading & Maneuvering Change in an Evolving Healthcare Landscape •  Leadership in the Times of Crisis: Leadership is Worthless ... But Leading is Priceless   The Global Pandemic and Hospital Leadership: Best Strategies for Crisis Communication Now and After COVID-19 •  2020 Election Debrief: Implications for Healthcare •  Succession Planning – Building a Program to Manage Attrition Risk as Talent Becomes an Increasingly Contested Resource •  Groundbreaking Women in Healthcare •  Analytics for the C-Suite
Regulatory and Operational Updates

  A Primer on Antitrust Issues Surrounding COVID-19
  Joint Commission Update: Surveys in the Age of COVID-19
  Returning to a Post-COVID-19 Normal: the Need for Case Management
  Returning to Hospital Operations under a "New Normal" •  Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Law Final Rules: What Healthcare Providers Need to Know Recent Trends in IT Contracting Final Anti-Kickback and Stark Rules Webinar Series: Value-Based Arrangements and Beyond (part 1) Final Anti-Kickback and Stark Rules Webinar Series: Value-Based Arrangements and Beyond (part 2) Final Anti-Kickback and Stark Rules Webinar Series: Value-Based Arrangements and Beyond (part 3) Final Anti-Kickback and Stark Rules Webinar Series: Value-Based Arrangements and Beyond (part 4) No More “Surprises”? Understanding Provider Obligations Under New Mass. and Federal Surprise Billing Legislation Information Blocking: Complying With the New ONC Final Rule HR Update: Key Workplace Issues in Hospitals in the Wake of COVID-19 Mandatory COVID-19 Emergency Paid Sick Leave – Key Considerations for Healthcare Employers Overview of Massachusetts Lobbying Law Everything you Need to Know about the OSHA COVID-19 Rule for Healthcare No Surprises Act: A Federal and State Overview Short and Long Term Strategies for Managing Turnover & Improving Retention Is My Hospital in Compliance with the Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Statute? What are Hospital Responsibilities in the Process and How Can You Ensure Hospital Compliance?   • Impact of the Dobbs Decision on Health Plans, Providers and Patient Privacy What do the 2022 Mid-Term Election Results Mean for Hospitals and Healthcare?  Blue Cross Antitrust Litigation Update:  Class Action Lawsuit Against BCBSA and Its 34 Affiliated Plans   

Healthcare Finance
  Come Back with Confidence with Paul Keckley
Revenue Recovery from the COVID-19 Crisis in Healthcare Settings
  COVID-19 Relief Funding: Navigating Applications, Reporting, and Guidance
•  Transforming Prior Authorization Throughput for Your Organization •  Class Action Settlement Revenue Recovery •  Monetizing and Modernizing Healthcare Energy Assets: Lessons from the Real WorldSurprise Billing: Federal and State Updates Understanding and Leveraging the 340B Program Understanding and Leveraging the 340B Program

Caregiver Wellbeing
•   Coping with COVID-Related Provider Grief and Loss
•  Operationalizing Peer Support Programs: Barriers and Successes
•  Caring for the Caregiver: Taskforce Briefing
Caring for the Caregiver: Employee Wellbeing
Caring for the Caregiver: Workforce Safety
Caring for the Caregiver: Workforce Development and Pipeline
Caring for the Caregiver: Workforce Engagement

Clinical Briefings
Alzheimer’s & Related Dementias Care: An Operations Plan Roadmap 
 Know Diabetes by Heart • Population Health Perspective: Successful Strategies for Colorectal Cancer Screening During COVID-19Elimination of Surgical Smoke   • Monkeypox: The Clinical, Public Health, and Communication Challenges that Still Exist in MassachusettsMHA/DPH High-Flow Nasal Cannula Training Care of Infants with RSV in the NICU

Stories from the Healthcare Frontlines
  Insights from the Healthcare Frontlines of Washington State during COVID-19: A Discussion with Mary Shepler of EvergreenHealth
  Insights from the Frontlines: Caring for the Caregiver During COVID-19

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